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Rhino by Horseware Pony Wug Light Weight Turnout Blanket 2011

Rhino Pony Wug - No Need for a Neck CoverYour pony will hug you for his WugThe Rhino Pony Wug waterproof turnout blanket has a unique neck design for pony owners that want more protection without using a neck cover. The Wug design produces a collar or scarf like effect, which reduces heat loss and prevents rain and snow from entering the front of the rug and running down the back. The high cut neck design also eliminates unneccessary pressure on the withers. The Rhino Pony Wug has a durable outer shell of 1000 Denier Polypropylene and a coat polishing polyester lining. The tough Polyproylene is 50 to 100% stronger than the coated Polyester used in the majority of turnouts. Should the outer layer become damaged the inner waterproof and breathable barrier remains intact because the AquaTrans coating is applied ot the barrier layer not the outer layer. Below the waterproof barrier is the Thermobonded fiberfill which retains extra loft, keeping your horse warmer longer. The Rhino Pony Wug features Horseware's Patented Front Leg Arch, no slip design with two belly surcingles and tail cord to keep this durable and well fit turnout in place. Horseware understands the pony's physique so well that their unique cuts and designs allow the blanket to correct itself even after a pony lays down and rolls. Horseware's Patented Front Leg Arch allows freedom of forward motion and prevents extra fabric from gathering around your pony's legs as they move around. The patented 'V' Front closure systems is easy to use and allows the blanket to be carried on top of the shoulder rather than the point of the shoulder, therefore allowing the blanket to move as the horse moves. Available Weights:Lite (0g) Fill Medium (200g) FillAvailable colors:No Fill - Brown & Tan Check/TanMedium Fill - Brown & Tan Check/BrownHorseware Ireland's Rhino blankets are constructed of the highest quality materials and therefore will outlast other blankets on the market. When you buy a Rhino you can be assured that you are purchasing a blanket that with proper care will last and look new, year after year. Features: 1000 Denier Polypropylene Outer Shell Fully Waterproof and Breathable with AquaTrans coating technology - The waterproofing is on the inside! Coat Polishing Polyester Lining Patented 'V' Front Closure System High Cut Neck Design eliminates need for a neck cover Patented Front Leg Arch 2 Belly SurcinglesFitting Your Pony's BlanketThe fit of your blanket is extremely important to the comfort of your horse. An improperly fitted blanket can cause rubbing and slippage. Horseware blankets are euro-cut and the sizes do not run the same as other manufacturers' blankets. To find out what size Rhino blanket your pony needs, measure the distance from the center of the chest to the center of the tail. Horseware Rhino blankets are sized in three-inch increments, so you will need to choose the closest size available.

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