Western Felt Saddle Pad

Western Felt Saddle Pad with Wear Leathers

The Intrepid Western Felt Saddle Pad with Wear Leathers is a versatile western saddle pad for everyday use. This pad features two layers of quality soft dense felt that are bonded to a rubberized interior core, for a total 0.75'' thickness. The front of this pad is cut back, 10'' in depth and 2'' in width, for wither protection/relief. Other features include holes over the center spine to prevent heat buildup, durable synthetic material wear leathers are 24'' in length and 6'' wide at front of pad and 4.5'' wide at back of pad and girth cutouts to reduce the amount of bulk under the leg and help prevent pad from shifting during heavy or fast work. Felt is grey, wear leathers are black. Weighs approx. 4.5 lb. and measures 32'' x 32''.

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