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ThinLine Colbra Boots

The Cobra boot is a sports medicine type support boot that while traditionally made with a thick neoprene lining, ThinLine has redesigned this boot to give you the best boot with none of the historical drawbacks of a neoprene lined boot. These Cobras are designed to offer the support of a polo wrap, but the function of boot, making them ideal for everyday arena training or show. Lined with the high-tech, flexible, and soft ThinLine material, these boots provide the impact protection and tendon support needed but are thin and pliable to allow the horses to flex their joints with more ease and comfort. ThinLine vents heat so tendons stay cooler and are infused with USDA approved anti-fungal agents to keep your horse's skin healthy and allow for use on multiple horses.Use the sizing guidelines below to determine the proper size for your horse's front or hind legs. Small -- 9.25'' tall by 9'' wide Medium -- 10'' tall by 9.75'' wide Large -- 10.75'' by 10.5'' wide X-Large -- 11.5'' tall by 11.25'' wide

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