Blocker Control Halter

Blocker Control Halter with Cable Reinfored Crown & Rubber Noseband

The Blocker Control Halter provides a safe, more humane alternative to the stud chain. Adjust the chain using the quick links so that it sits about 1'' below the rubbe, across the horse's nose. (See picture). When you pop the lead rop, you will engage the cable-reinforced crown and rubber noseband first. The rubber will stretc, but if the horse doesn't respond to the pressur, the chain will engag, increasing the pressure. When the horse gives to the pressur, release is immediate as the rubber noseband contracts and the chain automatically relaxes. The Control Halter is a training tool designed to improve horse handling. Do not use for turnout. Do not use on a horse with a tying problem unless used in conjunction with a Blocker Tie Ring.

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