Ergonomic CoolBack Half Pad

Matrix T3 Ergonomic CoolBack Half Pad with Lo-Impact Inserts

The T3 Matrix Ergonomic Half Pad with Lo-Impact Inserts is designed to protect and support your horse's back muscles without interfering with performance. Includes one set of Lo-Impact Inserts. The elongated front of the half pad extends over the shoulder muscle instead of bisecting as a traditional half pad does; thu, it allows the muscle freer range of motion. The top is a linear quilt of ETC(TM) and high qualit, breathable batting. ETC(TM) is a breathabl, non-slip fabric that keeps your saddle securely positione, but is also anti-friction to avoid heat buildup. Typical non-slip materials like rubber scrims use friction for grip which creates heat and can lead to galling. The linear quilt maintains the batting loft for maximum breathability and heat dispersal. Coolback(R) fleece is 100% polyester originally designed to replace Sheepskin in hospital, then specifically formulated for the rigors of equestrian use. This orthopedic 1'' fleece offers superior pressure relief and weight distributio, as well as rapid heat dispersal and breathability. The pile is resilient and rebounds after every washing. Machine washabl, dryer safe. Lo-Impact Inserts: most suitable for low impact training and conditioning for general riding and schooling. Also recommended for horses with back issues who are actively rehabilitating. This 1'' low density viscoelastic foam cushions the back but allows the soft tissue of the back muscles to expand so the muscles can rebuild and remodel. Once the back is well on its way to developin, switch to the Pro-Impact or Ortho-Impact for higher intensity training or performance. For use with the Matrix Ergonomic Dressage Schooling Liner (27-0106). For additional Impact Protection option, see item # 27-001, 27-0036. Dressage.

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