Stage C Stride Right Modified Billy Allen

REINSMAN Stage C Stride Right Modified Billy Allen

Reinsmans Stride Right bit is quickly becoming one of our favorite bits due to its great versatility. No matter what style of riding or type of horse, this bit just seems to fit perfectly. From penners, cutters, and reiners, to trail riders and gaited horses the Stride Right is easily accepted by all. The 1/2 Copper Modified Billy Allen is a great all around mouthpiece and the perfect choice for a horse with a low palate. Reinsmans Modified Billy Allen has more mullen relief than the standard Billy Allen giving it an ergonomic fit resulting in soft and even pressure across the tongue, bars and lips. The center barrel has limited movement preventing the bit from scissoring down into the tongue or up into the palate, but has plenty of rotation. The copper increases salivation for a more supple mouth. And, the sharp looking 7 1/2 Flat Cheeks add the right amount of leverage. Combined with the Modified Billy Allen it is easy to isolate each side of the horses mouth for lift, bend, flex and collection. Reinsmans Golden Glide bushings further enhance the smoothness of the independent cheek movement allowing for more precise cues. This bit is very versatile, making this a great choice for any style of riding. Copper is a soft metal, check for signs of wear before each use.

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