EquilibriumTri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boots II

EquilibriumTri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boots II

The Equilibrium Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boots II are super tough and contoured for close fit and excellent protection with the Airlite 3 layer system. These boots are designed to protect your horse while adding minimal weight to the leg. The unique Airlite system is composed of 3 layers designed to deliver high protection while maintaining lightness flexibility and breathability. It is the accumulation of years of research and testing. The outer layer is made of tough but flexible TPU mesh. This is very breathable and rip resistant. The Middle Layer consists of a highly breathable membrane which blocks debris from penetrating the boot. The Inner Layer features shock absorbing high density perforated pillows that allow heat to escape to the numerous air vents that are cut into the surface of the lining. In this way the Airlite system encourages the horses natural cooling system. In addition the Tri-zone technology provides unrivaled protection where it is needed most. When concussion occurs shock is transferred through 3 zones never letting impact reach the legs tendons and ligaments. Tri-zone technology absorbs up to 50 more concussion and is 50 more resistant to penetration in independent clinical trials when compared to leading market brands.

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