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HydraHorse Mounting Plate

HydraHorse is an on-demand drinking system for horses and livestock. It is easy-to-use, fits most trailers and uses FDA-approved pex tubing and fittings. The system works in all climates at temperatures above freezing. How does it work? The pressurized, on-demand system turns on when the horse nudges or presses a special nozzle in the bowl, and the water flows from the on-board trailer tank as needed. Once the horse stops moving the nozzle, the water shuts off.The mobility of the HydraHorse System is what makes is unique. Our bowls are designed to quickly be removed to go wherever you want them. Whether it is in the stall of your barn, trailer, or outside the trailer, the Mounting Bracket lets you take the bowl anywhere and everywhereHorse and livestock hydration is a top priority for owners while on the road, especially during long trips. A dependable, quality drinking system is essential to ensure your horses and livestock are properly hydrated during travel. Until now, people have had to stop and use water buckets to try and water their animals; which can be messy, strenuous and time consuming. Now there is a great alternative; the HydraHorse system. HydraHorse can be your on-demand drinking system the first proven system of its kind. After three years of testing and reviews by veterinarians and horse show staff, HydraHorse stands out as the only available, essential tool for keeping horses and livestock hydrated and happy during travel. A Simple, Affordable and Easily Adaptable System. Horses and livestock can get finicky, stressed and tired on the road, especially on long trips. Providing them with access to a fresh, reliable water source with the HydraHorse system, helps your horses and livestock arrive hydrated and ready for competitions, shows or other activities. Our easy-to-use system has been tested for more than three years in a variety of ways and in many different climates. HydraHorse can be installed into almost any type of trailer and includes spill proof, anodized aluminum rounded bowls that provide drinking water on demand. Bowls can be attached inside and outside the trailer, allowing horses to have a consistent water source. Use the HydraHorse quick connect hose system to wash or rinse down horses prior to a show or after any activity. Save Time and Effort with HydraHorseWith HydraHorse there is no more lugging buckets or dragging animals to a water source, hoping they will drink at the next rest stop. HydraHorse saves you time and effort while actually increasing the hydration of your horses and livestock, offering you peace of mind no matter where the road takes you.Please do not take our word for how great this product is...''As President of the Ranch Sorting National Championships I highly recommend the HydraHorse system. This innovative system will add to the well being of all horses that travel with us to competitions all across the country and assure each of us that they are properly hydrated and not road weary when we need them to perform at their best. This product is long overdue and in my opinion should be a must for anyone who appreciates the dedication and effort that we ask of them.'' - Dave Wolfe. President Ranch Sorting National Championship''I recommend the HydraHorse system to keep horses hydrated during trailering and while at competitions. The system is a novel idea, simple to install, and a cost-effective means of preventing colic due to lack of adequate water intake. The HydraHorse system is also a healthful way to help prevent boredom while trailering and while standing at the trailer between events. The owner can supply animals with water that the animals are used-to, which should increase water intake in areas with lower quality available water sources.'' - Gregory D. Farrand DVM MS, Northern Colorado Veterinary ServicesColor: Grey Powder CoatedSize: 8.25'' x 2''

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