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Wow! Whitener Spray For Horses

The Wow! Whitener And Green Spot Remover Spray turns yellowed manes and feathers white. It restores the natural color of light-colored manes and tails on Paints, Palominos, etc. To use, Apply Liberally. For use on the Mane & Tail: Spray On and Brush In. Either Rinse Out Or Leave In For Sustained Action. For Stubborn Stains, Wrap Overnight. To remove stains or whiten on the body, Brush Loose Dirt and Spray Difficult Green Spots. Rub with towel and Rinse Out Or Leave In. Trade Secret: Proteolytic Anaerobic and Aerobic Enzymes, Surfactants Peppermint Oil, and Optical Brightener.

Size: 32oz

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