Dreams Come True Figurine

Horse Whispers Dreams Come True Figurine

Dreams Come True Horse Whispers Figurine. Close your eyes and listen to your dreams It seems every girl hopes for a horse of her very own! May all your dreams come true. For so long, this pigtailed girl has wanted a pony. Now, she's been given one, but she can't quite believe her good fortune. So she has closed her eyes, knowing if he is still there when she opens them, her dream has come true. Dreams Come True encourages people to believe anything and everything is possible, and that all good things come in time. Also, Remembrance, Comfort, Dreaming of You, Blessings, Grateful. Resin Figurine with brass title plaque.

Each Horse Whispers figurine is beautifully sculpted with an extraordinary sensitivity to expression and gesture, and individually painted by hand in exquisitely soft colors. The feelings and emotions that are reflected often cannot be put into words, but are personally recognizable. This is why they make such wonderful gifts. No matter what the occasion, you can't go wrong with a Horse Whispers figurine.

Size: 6.25

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