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ThinLine Western Half Pad

ThinLine Ultra Western Half Pad Maximum Shock Absorption Exceptional Breathability Product Durability (7 years) Improved Saddle-Fit & Anti-Slip DefenseThinLine pads are recommended for horses in high impact situations, for beginning riders, horses with sensitive backs, young horses, or horses spending long hours under saddle. ThinLine pads provide the most comfort, protection, and shock absorption for you and your horse. ThinLine products will assist in saddle fit and prevent saddle-slippage. We guarantee this performance-enhancing product will create harmony with you and your horse. The ThinLine Western Half Pad is 1/4 inch thick and is designed as an economical pad to cover the weight-bearing surface of the Western saddle. This pad can also be used in conjunction with your regular pads with the ThinLine directly under the saddle.Color:Black

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