Saratoga Horseworks Summer

Saratoga Horseworks Summer Turnout

The Saratoga Summer Turnout is Saratoga Horseworks best selling summer sheet! These lightweight, fly protection turnouts are perfect to keep your horse cool and comfortable no matter what climate you live it.The Saratoga Summer Turnout is made of a soft, yet durable, interlocking woven mesh that is non-absorbent and wicks away sweat from the horse, allowing moisture to evaporate at a faster rate while providing excellent bug and insect protection for your horse. The white body color assists in reflecting the sun's harmful rays, and keeping your horse's coat cooler. The Saratoga Summer Turnout features: Dual side release chest buckles Single Straight Surcingle Fixed elastic leg straps No rub invisible gussets All Saratoga Horseworks products are American made. Please note: All Saratoga Horseworks products are made to order. Once you place your order with Equestrian Collections, it will take approximately 5-6 business days for your sheet to ship to our offices.

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