Scent Shield Limoncella Oil

Officinalis Scent Shield Limoncella Oil

HOLISTIC AND NATURAL SOLUTIONS TO PESKY FLIES FROM OFFICINALIS IN ITALY! More and more riders are looking for a natural solution to fly problems and Officinalis SCENT SHIELD LIMONCELLA line is NATURAL, GENTLE, BOTANICALLY BASED, VERY EFFECTIVE AND THE FRAGRANCE is pleasing to be around. FLOWER EXTRACTS, LEMON BALM AND CITRONELLA TEAM UP TO WARD OFF FLIES, AS WELL AS MASK THE HORSES SCENT FROM THE FLIES. FINALLY a fly repellent that has no harsh chemicals to affect you or your horse, PLUS a wonderful fragranceand multiple textures that make applications a joyous experience rather than a chemical threat. This oil is suitable for areas of the body where there is little hair. It should be applied with a gauze or paper towel around the eyes or other sensitive areas. It is recommended to apply the required amount of oil over the eye contour area about 1cm from the eyes.

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