680 Defensa Helmet

Snowbee 680 Defensa Helmet

Real Leather Visor The SnowbeeDefensa Helmet is a lightweight (380grams) super protective helmet that is perfect for riding safely while being stylish and modern at the same time It features an ABS outer shell for heavy duty penetration resistance and high shock absorbing EPS foam. Multiple flow-through air vents are covered with ABS mesh. Alike Carbon Fiber reinforcement with a strong and smooth sewing line on the edge. Helmet covered in a special carbon alike coating. The inside of the helmet has a removable and washable Coolmax head liner. There is a removable special streamline shaped visor and decorative silver visor. A rotary adjusting system features a neck retaining protection pad.The visor chin strap and ear pads are made with real leather.Helmet strap closes with YKK buckle. This helmet has two certifications: SEI ASTM F1163 Certification and CE & BS EN1384 Certification. Sizing: XS/XXS (48-52cm) M/S (53-57cm) XL/L (58-62cm) SnowbeeDefensa Helmet offers: ABS outer shell High shock absorbing EPS foam Multiple flow-through air vents with ABS mesh Alike Carbon fiber reinforcement Removable & washable Coolmax head liner Removable visor Decorative silver visor Leather visor chin strap and ear pads Rotary adjust system with neck retaining protection pad YKK buckle Lightweight SEI ASTM F1163 Certification CE & BS EN1384 Certification

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