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TAPEless Lower Leg Dressing Holder

This small 3-Inch Wide dressing holder is useful in the mangement of small, localized wounds. It will secure any primary would dressing to the horse's leg without the need for adhesives or a constrictive wrap.TAPEless's clinically proven, patented wound dressing holders are designed to hold a primary dressing in place without the use of tape & other adhesives. They are non-constricting, washable, reusable, easy to apply and very cost effective.This anatomically designed reusable dressing holder provides the securement of a primary dressing in the knee area without the danger of constriction of blood flow and pressure on the accessory carpal bone. Non-Adhesive Washable/Reusable Non-Constrictive Holds All Wound Dressings Clinically Proven Anatomically Designed Latex Free Secure Wound Dressings Easily!

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