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Cosequin Equine Powder

What is Cosequin Equine Powder?Regardless of age, breed or discipline, the stress of everyday riding, training, and competition may result in wear and tear to articular cartilage, eventually affecting joint function and performance of the equine athelete.Joint function and health can be supported in your horse with the administration of Cosequin, the number one veterinarian-recommended joint health supplement brand.Instructions for use:Body Weight Initital Period 2-4 Weeks Economical Long-Term AdministrationUnder 600 lbs2 scoops in AM & 2 scoops in PM1 scoop daily600 - 1200 lbs3 scoops in AM & 3 scoops in PM1-2 scoops dailyOver 1200 lbs4 scoops in AM & 4 scoops in PM2 scoops dailyThis chart should be used for guidance. Detailed instructions are contained in the package insert.Each 3.3 Grams (1 Level Scoop) Contain:Manganese* minimum16 mgGlucosamine Hydrochloride minimum1,800 mgSodium Chondroitin Sulfate minimum600 mg*From manganese ascorbate.Cosequin contains FCHG49 Glucosamine and TRH122 Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Nutramax Laboratories proprietary veterinary researched specifications.Reported on a hydrous basis.

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