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Gallop Home Board Game - Train Your Horse and WIN!

GALLOP HOME - TRAIN YOUR HORSE and WIN!!! Choose your horse head playing piece. The Friesian, Thoroughbred, Arabian or Paint. Then choose the score card that matches the breed. Travel the beautiful board by the roll of a dice or the pick of a card and collect your training disciplines. Keep score on your score card as you train your horse. You will also receive points for caring for your horse at the farrier or the veterinarian and for that Blue Ribbon! Get your four top'' training scores and then GALLOP HOME'' to the barn! The first person who gets to the barn gets 25 extra points. Then everyone adds up their score card. The player with the most points WINS! Make sure that water buckets and stalls are clean or you might get grounded'' at the grounded barn! Have fun!!!! This great new HIT'' game is taking the horse industry by storm! Finally a horse game that is FUN! Ages 5 and Up.

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