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HorZe Amara Chaps With Rib

Amara Half Chaps are a great investment with outstanding benefits for rigorous everyday wearHorze Equestrian pays special attention to details while creating half chaps making certain the fabric used is high grade for dependability, longevity and comfort. The result is high quality, beautiful half chaps equipped to satisfy the demands of riders, making Horze Equestrian the better choice above others.Amara Half Chaps are dependable, easy to maintain and beautiful on the rider. .- See more at: A bit about Amara Fabric: The natural leather like product is similar in structure to natural leather. The microfiber suede texture is soft, durable and tear resistant with high tensile strength that maintains its shape and tackles rigorous use with ease. Horze Equestrian only use's high-grade Amara fabric!Ladies Amara half chaps form easily to the natural contour of the lower leg for a snug fit. Ribbed side panels add approximately

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