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Officinalis DER Shampoo

D.E.R stands for Recurrent Summer Dermatitis (Dermatite Estiva Recidivante) and is a skin condition of allergic origin. Bites from blood-sucking insects, especially the female Culicoides (small midge) cause skin lesions and severe itching. DER Shampoo Made with mild surfactants and functional ingredients with moisturizers to soothe and restructure irritated skin. DER Shampoo is designed for sensitive and inflamed skin, especially skin affected by the bites of flying insects. Fortified with Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant with restorative properties - and Vitamin B5 - which combines with the panthenol of Vitamin E to calm and heal irritated skin. Pantenol promotes tissue repair and restoration of healthy skin.Made in Italy.Size: 500 mL

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