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Hoof Care

Officinalis Flexi Biotin 5000

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Officinalis Flexi Biotin 5000
Officinalis Flexi Biotin 5000
Feed supplement. This integrator contains Biotin, MSM, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Flexi Biotin 5000 ensures that the horse gets the right amounts of substances for healthy maintenance of all parts of the hoof. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, plays a fundamental role in the growth of all the sulphur-rich biological structures such as keratin, which is the main structure of the hoof. The MSM is the form in sulphur amino acids exist in living organisms. These sulphuric amino acids are especially abundant in keratin. Proteins rich in sulphuric amino acids are found in high proportion in other tissues such as flexible connective tissues and cartilage. They are the main constituents that make up the structure of the foot of the horse. A deficiency of these nutrients results in a thinning of the layers of keratin that form the base. Flexi Biotin 5000 contains Zinc and Copper which act together with the Biotin, giving optimum elasticity and solidity to the hoof. These ingredients combined allow the orderly development of layers of keratin that form the surface of the hoof, aiding the flexibility of all parts of the foot of the horse. The result is a healthy and efficient hoof. Made in Italy.Size:500 mL

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Brand: Officinalis
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