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Back On Track Knee Brace - Basic

Inflammation causes or contributes to knee pain. When you have arthritis of the knee the pain emanates from an inflammation in the surrounding capsule, as the damaged cartilage itself does not have any nerve supply. The only way to regenerate the cartilage is by exercise, which is much more tolerable and achievable once inflammation and pain has been diminished.The basic knee brace, which is tubular in design, is very smooth and easy to wear. As such, it is much appreciated by the elderly, and many others who choose a sedentary lifestyle.The basic style knee brace has a low profile and is perfect for wearing under slim fitting clothing. It is kept in place by an elasticised ring in both the upper and lower edges. Designed to be non-constrictive, an important design feature is the delicate cross-stitching along these elasticized edges. Care should be taken when fitting this type of knee brace. It is best to pull the brace below the cross- stitching of the elasticated ring, not on the cross-stitching itself.Measure the circumference of the thigh at 5-6 inches or 15 cm above the center of the patella.

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