GelCompression Therapy BackPack

Equifit GelCompression Therapy BackPack

The EquiFit GelCompression Therapy Line simplifies cold/hot therapy application procedures! GelPaks adhere to an outer shell that provides adjustable air compression via hand pump - eliminating the bulk of machines and cables associated with traditional cold therapy. GelCompression Therapy retains intense cold/heat while conforming and remaining pliable. It reduces inflammation, controls swelling, and decreases risk of injury. Reduces inflammation, controls swelling, decreases injury risk Ideal for rehabilitation and post-exercise treatment GelPaks conform to body with optional and adjustable air compression Use on multiple horses with removable, quick freezing or heating GelPaksEffective Against: Arthritis Bone injuries Muscle bruises/tension Suspensory injuries SwellingThe EquiFit BackPak includes 4 GelPaks and surcingle.

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