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Myler 3-ring Combo Bit Comfort Snaffle Low Port 89-31045

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Myler 3-ring Combo Bit Comfort Snaffle Low Port 89-31045
Myler 3-ring Combo Bit Comfort Snaffle Low Port 89-31045
This is a very unique bit combination great for young horses with a steady disposition or older horses beginning training. The Myler 3-ring combination bit combines the features of a ring bit shank bit and hackamore to create a sophisticated training and riding tool. This bit features 3 ring cheekpieces and a 5 inch Comfort Snaffle Low Port mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of sweet iron with copper inlay which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Fully adjustable noseband/chin strap creates a unique bit versatile enough for any sport. Interfere less and communicate more with your horse. Myler Level 2 mouthpiece. ~@~@The noseband and chin strap connect through the purchase synchronizing pressure to the nose chin and poll before the mouthpiece engages. If the horse does not respond to the pressure on the nose chin and poll the mouthpiece slides giving him another warning. If he ignores the mouthpiece it will hit the stop causing it to engage. The horse has three opportunities to respond to the rider's rein pressure before the mouthpiece is engaged. If the horse respects the first pressure he can stay on the bit without any tongue pressure or interference with swallowing. This bit can be used for a wide variety of horses and disciplines as a training tool to start young horses rehabilitating problem horses or retraining experienced horses in a new sport. ~@~@Specifications:~@Myler Level: Level 2~@Shank: 6inch Stainless steel 3 ring combination~@Mouthpiece: MB04: Comfort Snaffle Low Port~@

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Brand: Myler Bits
UPC: 8931045
MSRP: $156.30

Price: $135.92   (save 13%)
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