Magnetik EVO Rear Stable Boot

Veredus Magnetik EVO Rear Stable Boot

Multiple Neodymium magnets promote healing and reduce swelling. Magnetic energy stimulates the production of Elastin and Collagen, which are essential elements for rebuilding tissues. The Magnetik Stable Boot EVO can be worn 24 hours per day and can be put on damp or wet horses legs. We recommend them to be used after work. In 24 to 48 hours, you can see how they can affect the horse's leg.The boot helps the blood circulate which makes the horse's leg thinner.The stable boot features a breathable HCL foam (AEROX), DFD (Dry Fast Dry) interchangable underbandage attached by hook & loop fastener(R), polyurethane fetlock protector, wide and secure hook & loop fastener(R) brand fastener closure straps, and elastic bottom strap to reduce stress on the boot as the horse stands up or lays down. Made in Italy.Please note that that these boots are not intended to replace veterinary care.

Therapeutic Stable Boots are equipped with 28 neodymium magnets which develop the power of 2400 Gauss each.

Approximate Sizes

Small fits 7 /34'' height

Medium fits 8 1/4'' - 9 1/2'' height

Large first over 9 1/4'' height

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