Essential Hunter Shadbelly

RJ Classics Ladies Essential Hunter Shadbelly

Basic Black Hunter Shadbelly

The RJ Classics Ladies EssentialHunter Shadbellyis designed for the formal hunter classics or stakes classes. This coat is classic black with reversible canary points..

The EssentialHunter Shadbelly isare made of a solid blackpoly/wool fabric. The lining on the tails on this coat is matching black twill.The ''points'' are a coordinating patternthat can be reversed to traditional canary yellow. The black shank buttons maintain the conservative''hunter'' appearance.This coat will acceptable at any formal hunter classic in the country

The RJ Classics Ladies Essential Hunter Shadbellyfeatures:

  • Solid black poly/woolfabric
  • Double breasted hunt style tailcoat shadbelly
  • Black twilllining on tails
  • Coordinatingpatternon points reversible to canary yellow
  • Black shank buttons

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