PC Brittany Pozzi Medium Shank Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

PC Brittany Pozzi Medium Shank Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

''I love this medium twist and ride it on just about everything. It is a great size; not too harsh, but just enough bite if you need it. In the Lifter bits there are two different shanks, each with four different mouthpieces. This gives the rider lots of different options to choose from. These bits are for all different types of horses, from the light horse that needs help on the back side or the hard runner that needs help shutting down for the turn. These bits are created to help you pick up your horses shoulder while going into turn and then helping them on the back side of the turn. The lifter also gives good elevation of your horses front end while engaging the hind quarter for the turn. If you are having trouble getting your horse to break at the poll and gather for the barrel this will help you accomplish that goal.'' - Brittany PozziThis bit's shank measures 6 1/2''.Size: 5 1/2''

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