Straight Cheek Show Halter

TORY LEATHER Straight Cheek Show Halter - Rochester Plates

From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA. This 1'' straight cheek show halter has Rochester style bright cut engraved silver plates. Each silver piece is highly defined with a swirl pattern and an engraved line edge. Large fan shaped buckles set this halter apart from others. The straps of this show halter are made from American leather that is environmentally friendly and is tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character. This beautiful leather is also drum dyed to obtain a deep uniform color and then hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leathers that retain their color and enduring supple qualities. Our English bridle leather straps get better with use, don't crack or dry out and need only a cleaner or conditioner. This show halter comes with a matching lead with a 24'' nickel plated chain.

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