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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Is your tired, old leather saddle craving new life? Give it a bit of Honey! Leather Honey is a premium, all-natural leather conditioner that helps rejuvenate and recondition older leather. Also protects new leather, making it softer and helping it last longer right from the start. Penetrates deep into leathers pores and prolongs the life of saddles, tack, boots, gloves, furniture and more. Leaves leather feeling and looking beautiful as it softens, protects and promotes flexibility (even in cold weather!). Professional Percheron draft horse breeder, Jim McGowen, whose father developed the formula, sold it first as Harness Honey. Non-toxic, non-sticky, water repellent formula resists mildew, wont rot stitching and wont evaporate once absorbed into the leather. Just a little goes a long way 2 oz for new work boots, 16 oz for a saddle. Does not contain solvents, silicone or wax. Wont interfere with dyes or change color of dyed leather; may deepen brown of naturally tanned leather. Not recommended for suede, simulated leather or vinyl.

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