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Understanding Link Exchanges and Reciprocal Links

What are Reciprocal Links
A reciprocal link is just a fancy internet term meaning an exchange of links between two web sites. In order to be included in Equine Now's link directory, you'll need to place a link on your web site before filling out our link submission form. Once you establish the link and we are able to verify it exists on your site, we'll place your web site in our link directory immediately.

Reasons for Trading Links
There are many reasons for trading links with other sites on the internet, especially with sites that share common themes. Equine Now is interested in exchanging links only with sites that deal primarily with horses. That may include tack shops, farms, breeders, etc. If done properly, the link exchanges have benefits for both sites trading links. The main reasons for trading links with other sites are:

  • To drive traffic to your web site - Having a web site for your business is only half the battle. In order to have a successful website, you need people to view it. When you trade links with Equine Now, there's a chance that someone could stumble upon your link while browsing our site and come to visit your site. There's also a chance that someone who is visiting your site could come to Equine Now, so it's a two way street.
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings - More important than driving visitors who might stumble upon your link is the effect that link exchanges have on search engine rankings. The major search engines like google use links between sites to determine which sites are related to each other and also which sites are more important. Having links from sites related to your own, and lots of them, is a major factor in getting good google rankings. A link exchange between sites helps both sites and it's one of the major reasons that we rank well when someone goes to google and searches for horses for sale. You can use link exchanges to improve your ranking on search engines as well.
So what Do I Enter For The Reciprocal Link Field
If you are filling out the form to add your site to our link directory, you first need to create a link to Equine Now somewhere on your site. If there isn't a place on your site to put a link, you might want to consider adding a separate page for external links on your site. Many farms and websites include a page dedicated to external links. It can often be placed out of the way so that it doesn't interfere with your web content. After you have placed a link to Equine Now, on your links page, all you need to do is enter the url of your links page in the reciprocal link field. Our server goes out and checks the page you enter for a link to Equine Now before it'll approve your link. This page needs to be on the same web site as the link you are adding. If you are still unclear about how this works or having trouble, you'll just have to Email us:

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