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1st for Supplements
we are proud to bring you specially selected, top branded herbs and supplements at competitive prices backed by unrivalled customer service and free delivery

All Natural Horses
All Natural Horses offers holistic organic supplements and remedies for horses and foals.

Animal and Human Nutrition 101
Visiting our site indicates you are ready to purchase all natural health food supplements for yourself, dog, cat, horse and/or exotic animal. Our mission statement is to provide information for better nutrition using Dynamite Specialty Products' health food supplements.

Applecalm & Carrotcalm
Naturally Flavoured Instant Calmers

Best Horse Vitamins
We put Markese on Equilife Plus, 2 ounces a day, and 2 pounds of whole oats. This is fed with good quality grass hay. Within a month, the changes were astounding. Crest was down to pure muscle, and that little layer of fat was gone. You can see every fiber of every muscle. His amazing temperament remains calm and willing, and he seems to not be foraging for food all of the time.

Dog and Horse Skin Care
Eliminate dog skin problems, staph infection, dog fungus, hot spots, horse hoof disorders, canine and equine ring worm, equine thrush and a whole lot more!

Drury Healthy Horse Feeders
The best Slow Hay Feeder for you and your horse is on the market! Our Eco Feeders are virtually indestructible and come with a 5 year warranty. They are designed with the health of your horse in mind while saving you, the owner, time and money. Simply, the best equine investment you will every make! Made in North America

Equi-Health Canada
EHC is a National organization providing standardized equine first aid courses, products and instructor training.

EquiBalance Therapy
Massage and Bodywork for the Equine Athlete

Equine Head Shaking
Fox and I have been hit hard with what many are now facing - Equine Headshaking. Whether it is Neurological, Behavioral, Allergic Reaction, many of us are stumped as to how to relieve our horses pain and suffering from headshaking. Please visit our site and help out!

Equine Health and Nutrition
A resource for information and products concerning equine health and nutrition.

Equine Rehab
Learn equine massage therapy. In this intensive six day course, you can become a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. Courses are taught in many locations across Canada.

Equine Scratches Treatment
SCRATCHES FORMULA© is a proven treatment for Scratches, a condition often called Dew Poisoning, Greasy Heel, Mud Fever, Foot Rot, Rain Rot, Mud Foot and Pastern or Facial Dermatitis. Scratches Formula is the only treatment available, that has been developed by a Veterinarian.

Healing In Harmony
Equine Sports Massage was designed to accommodate all horse disciplines including those horses that are lay-ups, stall bound and those considered pasture pets. You have the opportunity not only to help an injury heal quicker but perhaps prevent one.

Heather Leef Full Service Equine Dentist
Dental Evaluations, individual and Group Dentistry, Aging of the Horse, Routine Dental Re-Balancing, Corrective Dentistry, Wolf Teeth Extractions.

Hoofcare Specialties LLC
Certified Natural Balance instructor offering hoof trimming classes and professional farrier school.

Horse Wellness
"Stefanie Reinhold offers equine massage and bodywork in south central Wisconsin and beyond. Experience the benefits of equine massage for your sport horse, show horse or any other equine."
#1 online horse blanket shop for the serious horseman. For the horse, pony, mini and foal.

Jusuru Equine
Wholesale pricing for All-Natural Equine Health Product

Leptoprin fat burner designed to provide information on diet pills containing Pure Ephedrine alkaloids, Ephedrine HCL.

Magnetic Therapy for Horses
Magnetic therapy brushing boots a natural way to improve your horse's health and wellbeing.

Morphine Detox Kits
We offer you all kinds of detox kits developed to pass urine drug tests.

Omega Horse Solutions
We carry a full line of equine supplements and offer tack consignment. Delivery available thoughout South Carolina.

Peace of Mind, Body & Soul
Offering holistic options for animals; equine massage, animal communication, energy & body work, essential oils, nutritional supplements and more.

We provide Equine Reiki and Equine Reiki Clinis, as well as Interspecies Communication workshops

Equine Sports Massage Therapy by Barbara, Reiki & CranioSacral Practitioner Humans, Equines & Canines. Ranch visits, horse shows, clinics

Ritezyme is an enzymatic replacement supplement designed to have your horses digestion working at top notch. All natural ingrediants replace enzymes lost in the cooking process.

Smacker Ephedra 100 Caps with Hoodia
Find the latest ephedrine products and other supplements for your complete health.

Sport Touch Equine Body Work
Through the process of my equine body worker certification with the school of Equinology, I came to find great pleasure in knowing I could help our equine partners with only my hands. I love knowing I can watch a horse move, see an asymmetry in his gait, and be able to isolate and release a stress point that usually helps improve that horse's gait.

Step It Up Equine Therapy
Offering Equine (Animal) Skeletal Alignment/Chiropractic, Acupressure, Massage : Clientele In Northwest & Central Alberta

Stop Horse Colic - Now You Have A Choice!
Colic kills over 5 MILLION horses per year. Help me stop the insanity of losing horses to colic. We now have a choice. ECR begins to lessen the effects of colic within 30 minutes!

Surrey Vet Physio
Helen Morrell provides freelance Veterinary Physiotherapy services to veterinary practices across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, covering a twenty mile radius of Hindhead.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging
Equine Thermography uses cutting-edge technology to detect and monitor back, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon problems, assess hoof balance and gait, saddle fit and dental issues in your horse.

Wellington Quarantine
South Florida Equine Quarantine, LLC is a licensed C.E.M quarantine facility for mares and stallions. Located in Wellington, Florida.

Wormalicious Waffers, LLC
"The Future of Equine Worming" - online horse care magazine is an equestrian site dedicated to optimising your horse's health with advice on Horse care, nutrition, feeding, supplements, homeopathic remedies, massage, foot care and alternative therapies for horses.
massage service

How to identify and Release Your Horses Pain Points , any one can do save money and time

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Sorrel Appendix Mare
Sorrel Appendix Mare
Willis, TX $3,000


Easy Boot Horse Boot

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