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Tips for Selling Horses Online

If you've ever had to sell a horse online, you'll know that it's not an easy process. Before you place an ad on Equine Now, make sure to take a second to read some of the tips we've compiled for creating good ads and getting the most out of our site.

Include Photos

Most people looking to buy a horse won't even consider or look at an ad that doesn't have a photo attached to it. Text only ads get pushed to the bottom of the heap on online classified sites and can be very difficult to even find. At Equine Now, we offer free photo ads, so if you aren't taking advantage of that and including pictures of your horses for sale, you are really missing out. People who are buying a horse are spending a lot of money and buying a horse isn't like buying a car where you know what you'll be getting. People want pictures and lots of them.

Pick a catchy title

You want your ad to stand out from the crowd. Try to pick a short phrase that'll catch people's attention and make them want to look at the horse in more detail. Don't just enter something like Bay Broodmare because that could describe just about every horse and means that people may pass over your ad. We also do some search engine optimization for individual ad pages based on the title you choose for your ad. Listing a popular sire's name, or some other phrase that someone could search for on google in your ad title sometimes allows people to find your ad directly from google.

We've seen examples where the right title can get hundreds of people to look at an ad that otherwise would have been passed over. Some examples of titles that have worked well and the reasons they worked are listed below:

When choosing the title for your ad, avoid using non alpha numeric characters, punctuation and numbers. Some people try to use exclamation points, slashes, stars, etc to make their ads stand out from the crowd. We feel that this practice detracts from your ad and also makes the ad less likely to appear in search engines. Simple, descriptive phrases are the way to go.

  • 13 yr Old Mare by Artful Move Shown By Youth
    This ad title worked because of the inclusion of the sire's name Artful Move which was unique enough to show up on google when people searched for Artful Move. We've seen a number of other cases where mentioning the sire's name of the horse for sale in the title has brought traffic of people interested in buying horses by that specific sire.

  • Thoroubred for Sale
    Opps, there's a typo there! But in the case of this title, the typo was actually a good thing as it brought additional people to see the ad who made the same typo. This isn't really a plus for selling your horse, but it demonstrates how a title can affect the traffic levels. It stood out.

Use Keyword Tags

Using unique keywords in your ad titles, descriptions, and also keyword tags can help separate your ad from from the herd. Keywords often include two word combos that describe attributes about your horse. Before you create an ad, you should write out a list of 10 keywords that describe your horse. It's best if those are two word phrases like "dressage training", "flashy bay", "yearling colt". Once you've come up with the list of keywords, make sure to work them all into your ad. Sprinkle them into the title, description and tag fields.

The First Sentence Counts Most

Equine Now uses the first sentence of your ad as the summary for your horse. It's important that the first sentence contains a concise description of your horse that flows well with your ad title. Together, the ad title and that first sentence will be how most people find your ad and they need to make a first impression. Don't waste the first sentence with something like "His barn name is Spike.", you have plenty of room for stuff like that later in the ad. It's a good practice to make the title of your ad very descriptive and have the first sentence contain the main selling point for your horse.

Link to your web site

We allow you to include a link to a page with more information for each ad. We recommend that you use this to link directly to a farm website or a page which has information about who you are as a seller. People buying a horse want to be able to do their homework on you and make sure that you are a trustworthy person. If you have a decent looking web page about your farm, training operation, etc. people will be more likely to contact you. So, make sure that you use this link wisely. If you have a farm site, there should be a link from the home page of your site to a list of information about horses you have for sale. Even if you don't have your own web page, you can use this link to link to a youtube video or a photo album with more pictures of your horse than available on the ad. If you have your own website, you might also be interested in adding your farm to our link directory.

Be Honest and Set A Price

It's important to be as honest about your horse as you can. List all its attributes and defects. Remember that you are selling a horse, but you also need to sell yourself as a trustworthy person who someone would be interested in buying a horse from. Including a personal touch about the horse's background or story is also a good way to connect with potential buyers. Also, while we offer the ability to ask people to make an offer rather than setting a price, it really is best to pick a price so people know what you expect to get in exchange for your horse. Ads listed without a price or asking for the buyer to make an offer really are at a disadvantage to ones that set a price ahead of time.

Communicate Quickly

Make sure to provide a phone # where you'll be answering the phone instead of a machine and be willing to respond to e-mails regularly, quickly, and courteously. As a seller, you need to sell yourself as much as your horse and being upbeat and willing to deal with people comes with the territory. While it may seem like people are just contacting you to kick the tires, you need to take each response seriously.

Create a Farm Profile

Equine Now allows you to create a farm or company profile. You should take the time to fill it out if you plan to sell horses on our site or have any training or boarding services to advertise. The profiles serve as a way for buyers to get familiar with you. If you don't have a farm or company name, then maybe it's time to create one. Having a profile that's attached to your ads with information about you makes you look a little bit more professional to potential buyers. It also serves as a place where people can look for other horses you've listed with us.

Check your location

We use Google Maps to provide a map on your ad. In order for google maps to work, you need to provide us a valid town / zip code combination so google recognizes your address. Sometimes you may need to provide a different zip code than your actual mailing address to get this feature to work properly. To check, go to google maps, type on your address and see if google's able to find you. If not, enter in the nearest city (example, Miami, FL), and change the zip code information on your account to match the zip code provided by google, even if it's not your correct mailing address. The location of a horse is one of the key things buyers look for because shipping horses is expensive. Equine Now provides a very useful distance search feature for buyers and in order for that to work, we need to know where you live first.

Return to Update Your Ad

By coming back to modify your ad and adding new details or editing the description, you change the date that the ad was last updated. To keep our classified ads relevant, we give preference to newer ads when browsing through horses. So, coming back occasionally and editing the description of your ad will bump it up to to the top of certain pages and it'll mean that more people will get a chance to see the ad. Your ad has more of a chance to appear on the first page of results for a particular location or breed and not stuck on the 99th page this way.

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