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Alexandria Presents-4 Dressage Horses - for Sale -

 4 Under Saddle Dressage Horses & 22 Mares, Colts, - Black Andalusian Gelding


 Norco, California 92860

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4 Under Saddle Dressage Horses & 22 Mares, Colts,
Color: Black
Breed: Andalusian
Sex: Gelding
Birth Date: Jan 4, 2004
Height: 16.3 hh
Weight: 0.0 lbs
Registry: ANCCE / IALHA / PRE
Reg. #: PRE - Carta Verde

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Alexandria 714-660-3392

Dressage Horses


USDF Training Level through Upper Level Dressage Horses

Valerian -

Oso Andy -

Sir Henery -

Tonal -

Suspire -


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Alexandria Presents - Valerian - FOR SALE

Gorgeous Black Pure Spanish Andalusian -

Name: Valerian

Location: Norco, Ca. 92860

Height: 16.2-16.3

Registration: IALHA/PRE

DOB: Jan 1, 2006

Breed: Andalusian

Color: Bay

Price : $30,000

2006 P.R.E. Gelding 16.2 Hands

Second Level Dressage

Finished 2012 with wins at First Level with scores in 70%

Show Results:

2007 IALHA Conformation Colts 2 & Under 3rd

2008 MASA Summer Fest Breed Show USDF Prospects InHand 2 Yr Old Colts/Geldings 73.70%

2010 USDF Introductory Level Test A 69.5%

2010 USDF Introductory Level Test B 71.0%

2010 USEF Training Level Test 1 69.56%

2011 USEF Training Level Test 3 72.0%

2012 USEF First Level Test 1 68.621%

2012 USEF First Level Test 2 70.811%

2012 USEF First Level Test 3 68.065%

2013 USEF Second Level Test 3 64.405%

Valerian aka V has competed USDF Second level and has received wonderful scores! V is one of those "rockstar" horses that are so easy and fun to ride! His lateral work is extremely easy to ride and achieve. His travers and renvers are fantastic. We are currently working on perfecting the halfpass. My goal with V is to take him to the next level. We are preparing for changes and third level, which I believe will be so easy for this extremely talented horse! He has been ridden by beginners and was wonderful! He also has the pizazz, talent, and movement to be competed by a professional.

Call 714-660-3392

Michelle and V - This video is about Michelle and V ~ USDF Dressage Show ~I am so proud of Michelle and V. Michelle is a dear friend of mine and at the last moment she was not able to compete her wonderful horse. V's incredible owners allowed Michelle to take V in the dressage show. Michelle and V had a total of 4 lessons, 4 total rides, before the show. The show was their 5th ride ever! They were both rockstars! Their score sheet was filled with a ton of 7's and 8's. I am so proud of you both. Some of the lateral work was so good it gave me chills! Thank you again to V's awesome owners for allowing Michelle and V to have this wonderful experience!

Watch Video on YouTube

Sir Henery

Sir Henry $12,000

Color: Black

Breed: Pony

Sex: Gelding

Birth Date: Jan 1, 2006

Height: 13.2 hh

Weight: 0.0 lbs

Location Orange County, Ca

Super cute 9 yr old German Pony/ Quarter Pony cross. Professionally trained in dressage, long lines and jumping. Henry is also great at tricks. He enjoys performing the bow, piaffe, and is learning spanish walk. He is currently one of the local Pony Club's favorite mounts. He jumps with great rhythm and ease. Perfect for the hunter ring. He would also make a fantastic dressage pony. He moves off the leg well and is solid in shoulder-in, leg yield, half-pass, and counter canter. Currently working on more collection but has a great stretching (training level) frame with the kids. He also has smooth simple changes in the canter that are easy for kids. He is the ideal mount for show or pleasure for a youth or small adult. Not best for beginners/ first timers! Best suited for advanced beginners or intermediate and up. He is a great teacher and easy to train. This pony has many prime years ahead and would be great in any discipline. He loves trails and water too so would transition into eventing great as well. He has fantastic feet so does not need shoes. He is up to date on all vaccines and care. Price will include his blankets and bridle with bits if needed. This is truly a great pony who is ready for the show ring and still has lots of potential!!! NEW VIDEO: Watch Video on YouTube

Oso Andy

Watch Video on YouTube

Name: Oso Andy

Barn Name: Andy

Location: Norco, Ca. 92860

Height: 16.2

DOB: March 2006

Registration: IALHA

Registration: 1/2 Andalusian

Price: $20,000

The current dressage photo's of Andy were taken when there was a WIND ADVISORY. If you notice in the photo's the dressage court and the court letters were blown everywhere! The winds gusted up to 45 MPH and Andy was a perfect angle. This gelding is so awesome and fun to ride.

Oso Andy is an incredibly TALL, elegant, great moving dressage gelding. Oso Andy is 16.2 hands tall. He has a gorgeous head and neck. His movement is perfect for dressage and/or pleasure riding. He has been ridden English, Western, Dressage, Hunter, and Trail. He is solid training level and ready to compete with a new teammate. He should be to first level by the first dressage show of the year.

Call Alexandria 714-660-3392

Suspire AKA S

Suspire $17,000

Located in Norco, Ca 92879

Exhibition, Dressage, Trail, Jumping, Western, S has done it all!

USDF scores in the HIGH 60's!!!!!

Watch Video on YouTube

Watch Video on YouTube

Watch Video on YouTube

Color: Buckskin

Breed: Andalusian

Sex: Filly

Birth Date: Jan 1, 2011

Height: 15.1 hh

Registry: IALHA

Reg. #: IALHA H008464

Color: EeAACr

S recently preformed at the HORSE EXPO in LA and was AWESOME!

Baturro XXIII (PRE) and Cynderella (AQH) Buckskin

INCREDIBLE IALHA registered 1/2Andalusian/Azteca filly - FOR SALE -

UPDATE November 2nd - Suspire competed training level test 1 and two and received awesome scores. Mostly 7's and 8's!!!!!!!

Suspire is "THE ALL AROUND HORSE." Suspire started her journey with Clinton Anderson in Natural Horsemanship. She was trained in 60 exercises and ridden extensively out on trail. Now Suspire has proven herself in the dressage court! She was bombproof and AMAZING in the competition. Suspire received a first place ribbon in her first show ever!!! She competed in USDF training level test one, and training level test two and received great scores.

Call Alexandria Baroque Equus 714-660-3392

Morphology and disposition in one exciting color. Region I Champion IALHA 2012. Trained in more than 60 exercises by Clinton Anderson's clinicians Luke Lundal under direct supervision of Clinton Support by Down-under horsemanship.Trained in Halter by Howard Peet equestrian. Currently in dressage training. Suspire will also start being taught to go over fences. Suspire is an amazing all around horse! She will be an awesome Jumper, fantastic dressage horse, and already is an awesome western trail horse! Not to mention she is an absolute sweetheart and so easy to work with. I just love this filly!

Tonal AKA Tone

Call 714-660-3392

~ Performed in Exhibition

~ Is in current Dressage Training (solid USDF Training T3 and 1st T1)

~ Hands-free Riding

~ Competed in Western

~ Exceptional on Trail

~ Jumping, jumped up to 2 feet

~ Natural Horsemanship, completed Clinton Anderson's course in Texas

~ Driving Champion

~ Halter Chamion

~ Costume

~ Parades

~ Name ~ Tonal AKA Tone

~ DOB ~ April 12, 2012

~ Registry ~ IALHA / AZTECA

~ Location ~ Norco, Ca. 92860

~ Sex ~ Stallion (can be) Gelded

~ Price $25,000

Watch Video on YouTube

Call 714-660-3392

Tonal - Western: Watch Video on YouTube

Tonal - Driving: Watch Video on YouTube

Name ~ Tonal AKA Tone

DOB ~ April 12, 2012

Registry ~ IALHA / AZTECA

Location ~ Norco, Ca. 92860

Sex ~ Stallion (can be) Gelded

Tonal AKA Tone is an exceptional young horse. He was AMAZING at the 2015 Horse Expo at the LA county fair. Tone was so incredible! He was a rockstar in the outside arena! He was so solid I was able to show some of his hands free riding. Tone was also incredible in the very intimidating inside showroom, which was not an indoor arena, but an actual inside building. Tone had to walk down a green carpet, in-between a crowd, past a mare, to a man made arena. He was perfect!!!!!

Tone started his riding carrer with Clinton Anderson in Texas. Once he completed the Natural Horsemanship program, he was off to continue his education with Howard Peet in Driving and Western Riding. Tonal is a halter champion, and driving champion. Tonal is now with me to continue his education as a USDF dressage horse. I hope to show him First Level test One at the next USDF dressage show. Come meet Tonal ASAP before his price continues to increase with his merits and training!

Alexandria Vilardi


Visit my FaceBook Page for photo's of horses for sale:

Also visit my YouTube Channel for video's of sale horses.


Please call Alexandria for additional information. 714-660-3392

Alexandria has over 20 Andalusian and Friesian horses for sale. Please note, this is a general ad for the horses I have for sale and horses I have sold. For a current list of the horses currently available please type ALEXANDRIA PRESENTS in the search box in the upper right hand corner. Thank you!

Herd Liquidation - ANCCE / PRE / Purebred Carta Verde Andalusian Mares, Colts, and Filly's - FOR SALE -

Prices start at $5,000 for yearlings.

NEW horses for sale!!!!

As most of you know I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rancho Saldana. Together we have successfully found incredible homes for many of their horses. At this time Rancho Saldana would like to begin to offer some of their new incredible offspring as well as some phenomenal broodmares. They will also be offering the last 3 stallions for sale. This is a photo of the stallion that sired a few of the horses the Saldana's are offering for sale.

Visit my FaceBook page for thousands of photo's of - HORSES FOR SALE -

Visit my YouTube Channel for video's of - HORSES FOR SALE -

Alexandria is proud to announce that I have over 20 Andalusian, Friesian, and Dressage horses FOR SALE. All ages all levels. Please feel free to contact me regarding the horses I currently have for sale.


Prices starting at $10,000

Valerian - FOR SALE - Watch Video on YouTube

Suspire - FOR SALE - Watch Video on YouTube

Adore - FOR SALE - Watch Video on YouTube

Arrow - SOLD - Watch Video on YouTube

Brinco - SOLD - Alexandria Presents - Brinco - Imported Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale - 714-660-3392

Tejedor - SOLD- Alexandria Presents - Tejedor - Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Tejedor - SOLD- Alexandria Presents - Tejedor - Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Andalusian Gelding - SOLD - Watch Video on YouTube

Imported Stallion - SOLD - Alexandria Presents - Emperador - Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Emperador - SOLD - Alexandria Presents - Emperador - ANCCE Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Black Andalusian Stallion - SOLD - Alexandria Presents - Tejedor - Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Grey Andalusian Stallion - SOLD - Alexandria Presents - Emperador - Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Friesian Gelding - SOLD - Ids - Friesian Gelding - FOR Sale -

White Imported Andalusian Stallion - SOLD - Brinco

Portos - SOLD - Portos

Andalusian Stallion - SOLD - Potros - Sale Video -

Quioble - ANNCE / PRE - SOLD- Alexandria Presents - Annce / PRE Andalusian Dressage Stallion - FOR Sale -

Centenario - ANNCE / PRE - SOLD - Alexandria Presents Centenario AKA Rio - Annce / PRE Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Friesian School Master - FEI Dressage Horse - SOLD - Mentor at I1

Precioso - sold - Precioso - Upper Level Dressage Stallion - FOR Sale -

Wiskey - sold - PRE / Annce Andalusian Stallion - FOR Sale -

Dulce - SOLD - Dulce March 2013

Oso Andy - SOLD -

Cuervo - PRE Stallion @ Stud - Cuervo Halter Videoa

Valeroso - IMPORTED PRE / ANNCE @ Stud - Fiesta of the Spanish Horse- Alexandria Vilardi & Oso!-qsLWw

Oso Andy - IALHA Gelding - SOLD - Watch Video on YouTube

PRE Stallion - SOLD - Renaissance Presents - Vitoju - PRE Andalusian FOR Sale - Trail Video.mp4

PRE Stallion - SOLD - Watch Video on YouTube

SOLD - with his new owner and trainer - Lana's Lotto-qsLWw

PRE Stllion - SOLD - Renaissance Presents - Majestad EC - PRE Andalusin Stallion - FOR Sale -.mp4

PRE Stallion - SOLD - Renaissance Presents Majestad EC

PRE Dressage Mare - SOLD - Valerosa PRE Mare For Sale

ILAHA Mare - SOLD - Dulce

Valerosa - SOLD - with her new trainer - Ocita Nov 2012

Tigre - SOLD - Renaissance Presents - Tigre - *

IALHA Gelding - SOLD - Renaissance Presents - Tigre - Andalusian Gelding

Italica - SOLD - Tally Video

PRE Mare - SOLD - Renaissance Presents Italica PRE Imported Mare

Cazador - SOLD - Renaissance Presents IALHA Champion Cazador!!!

Cuervo - PRE Stallion @ Stud - Fiesta

Shipping Notes:

Company / Facility:
Baroque Equus - Alexandria, head trainer at Baroque Equus and Former dressage rider and performer from: Medieval Times ~, The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallion Show ~, War Horse Porducations ~, and Disneyland is now accepting dressage training horses and clients. Alexandria has had an extremely successful career inside and outside of the dressage court. Alexandria has had the wonderful opportunity to be a dressage rider and performer for numerous world renowned companies such as "Medieval Times" and "The World Famous Lippizaner Stallion Show." She has also won numerous championships at ANCCE, PRE, IALHA, and IFSHA shows. Alexandria and Baroque Equus focus on clientele who are interested in learning classical dressage, as well as competing in USDF dressage shows, ANCCE, and Friesian shows. Please contact Alexandria regarding her training program. Services provided: ~ Training: ~ Onsite Full Time Training ~ $600 per month ~ Onsite Part Time Training ~ $300 per month ~ Onsite Haul-in Lessons ~ $45 per lesson ~ Offsite Lessons ~ $55 per lesson ~ Boarding (located at Pepperglen Farm) ~ Full Service Board ~ $550 ~ Dry Stall Board ~ $250 Visit my FaceBook Page for photo's of horses for sale: Also visit my YouTube Channel for video's of sale horses.

Avoid Scams and Fraud
Potential areas of fraud: wire transfer, moneygrams, money orders, cashier checks, shipping, escrow, "transaction protection", "guarantee". Check out the Buyer Safety section for more info.
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