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Willing to Work With Your Horses

Willing to work with your horses
Toledo, Ohio
Hi! My name is Katie and I am 18 turning 19 in July. I am currently finishing up my freshman year at Kent State University majoring in Early Childhood Education but am transferring to University of Toledo in the fall so I can commute from home to save money. I made this account to offer my horse/training services to anyone who is interested!

HORSE BACKGROUND: I started riding at Ultra Morgans Horse Farm in Delta, OH when I was about 7 or 8 years old and fell in love with horses. I rode there for about 2 years and took a small break due to the driving distance for my mom. I then was introduced to a barn called Tipan Hall Farm by a friend and started riding there once I was 9 or 10. I rode there for about 5 years. I worked on basic ground training and hunter/jumper disciplines. I learned all the basics of taking care of a horse here at this barn. I eventually leased a Quarter horse mare named Gyspy (15.3hh chestnut) for about 2 years. (My mom wouldn't let me own a horse because they're too expensive!) I experimented with very little dressage, hunter, hunter under saddle, equitation, and little cross country. I also did things such as riding without stirrups, bareback, and other different exercises. I rode about 4 to 5 days a week at this barn. My world completely revolved around horses at this time. My trainer offered me a job there as a stablehand when I turned 13 and I took it! I mucked stalls and bedded them with clean shavings, I cleaned tack (english saddles & bridles), I helped the little kids tack up and groom their horses, I would grain and hay the horses, graze the horses outside, groom the horses, trim their whiskers, cut their mane and feet, wash the horses, put up jumping courses for the lessons, exercise the horses (usually flat only), and take them out to the paddocks to be turned out. I was paid $20 every day I worked since I was too young to be on a payroll plan. I worked there for 2 years and then my trainer decided to shut the barn down and move to Kentucky. I ended up having foot surgery for bunions (just extra bone) and healed from that but couldn't find a barn that I felt comfortable at as much as I did at Tipan Hall. So I took a break from horseback riding until I visited a barn called Flying Change Farm with a friend and all the feelings of the love of horseback riding rushed back in. I started lessons there around the end of 2008 and rode until the beginning of summer 2010. I further enhanced my hunter/jumper skills and worked on perfecting my position. I worked with a large pony named Jack and had the option of leasing him but couldn't afford it. I rode about 2 to 3 times a week at this barn and absolutely loved it. I quit due to prices raising, another foot surgery (bunions except on my other foot), and focusing on school.

I am still very passionate about horses and would love the chance to work with them again. I figured since I am moving back to my home town permanently and summer is starting, it would be the perfect chance to offer help to anyone who just doesn't have the time to give their horse attention or just needs some help around the barn! I do still have a lot of my own equipment. I have my own ENGLISH saddle, 2 helmets, crop, grooming tools, half chaps, jodphurs, show boots, riding boots and saddle pads.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: This is a youtube video a friend who also rode at Tipan Hall Farm made for the owners once the barn closed down. Its a slideshow of pictures and memories at the barn, mainly of her but I am also pictured in some of these. It makes me cry every time I watch it. I am pictured at 02:37 (with Wally), 02:42 (with Wally), 06:14 (far left), 06:27 (with Gypsy the horse I leased), 06:36 (with Gypsy again), 07:29 (with Cal, one of the older horses I grazed), and 07:48 (with Gypsy, this is my favorite picture with her)

**I was about 13 in these pictures, I am 18 now. And also I put the link for the video on here as sort of proof of my horseback riding background. This is not a joking inquire and I hope it is taken serious.

I am willing to do anything with horses! Whether it be work around the barn: mucking stalls, feeding horses, turning them out, grazing them, grooming them, etc. or working directly with your horse(s): ground work, flat work, possibly jumping, trail riding (just plain exercising them). I am willing to negotiate prices, I am asking $20 per day depending on what tasks I'm given or I could work for lessons or possibly a lease. I am very dependable and easy-going and will take great care of your horse(s). I am not just looking for summer work, like I said, my passion is horses so if you'd like to keep me around, I will stay! I am willing to travel as far as 30-40 mins away from Toledo, OH to work, possibly further. Please call or text my cell phone (567) - 277 - 5654 or my house phone and ask for Katie (419) - 386 - 5829. If no one answers on either, please leave a voicemail! I will definitely get back to you within 24 hours. You can also email me if you'd prefer: however this isn't the most effective way to get ahold of me.

REMEMBER: I am willing to do just about anything that has to do with horses! Please don't be shy!
**Please don't message me through this website, please use my telephone numbers I have listed or my email, Thank you!!
Services Offered
Horseback Riding
Trail Access
Riding Lessons

Call Katie at:
or 419-386-5829
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Willing to Work With Your Horses by Equinenow

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