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T bar c Ranch

T Bar C Ranch
Greenville, Texas
A modest training ranch due to just relocating from out of state.Laying down a great foundation to Starting and the,Training of your horse.Also give some lessons.I use a Gentle,Firm and consistant approach with alot of patienceI.Work with problem horses and train wild horses(37yrs)Match horses to people and people to horses.A happy Horse makes a happy person.So "LET'S GIT'TER DONE"Git'er Done Horse TrainingSpring is here and summer around the corner time to start or train those horses
I've just relocated here 3 yrs ago now.I came from Washington state after living there for only 2 1/2 yrs.(To cold)Prior to that I lived in California and owned the T Bar C Ranch(Cat Phillips).Alittle about myself and the training that I do.I started riding at the age of 2yrs.Started training horses at 16yrs.then at which I was asked to represent local ranches.I started handling&training stallions at the age of 18yrs.I owned and did breeding up until the move here.I took college veterinary classes for my own personnel use but worked for a veterinarian in California(Doc Bader-Shingle Springs Vet Clinic)when I had slack time.I was a Equine 4-H Leader for 16 yrs,President of horse organizations or on the board of directors for many years.I put on 2 PRCA Rodeo's,Trained $ Conditioned horses for the "TEVIS"(100 MILE ENDURANCE RACE)Managed other Horse Ranches for people.I've also have had "THE GREAT HONOR" to TRAIN & LEARN under some very well known national trainers and judges so I could gain more experience and knowledge in the horse world.I don't use thier names to get me the jobs like so many do I use my own.I'm a very experienced female horse trainer now at the age of 56yrs. I still love and enjoy training horses and people.I use a very PATIENT,GENTLE,CONSISTANT,BONDING approach in starting I like my horses to enjoy doing what thier taught to do not because of fear.But I'm also firm and use discipline when needed.I strive to have owners and horses bond or be well matched so they can work as a "TEAM".I have also trained Mustangs(wild horses) now for 38 yrs.I'm listed with BLM.I also do evaluations on both the horse and rider or will help assist you in finding your new horse.(One that fits your needs and experience.)I'm a Certified Equine Appraiser #02223.So here I'am not quite ready to retire yet and missing it more than can be imagined.So I'm now accepting a few horses for Starting,Training,Problem Horses,Or Horses that just need a tune-up.I don't take more than 5 horses per month as to be able to give them the time they deserve(5-days a week)I have references from California,Washington and Texas.I'm open to some ranch barters in these hard times.Feel free to call me at 903-454-8046
Some of things that I want/need and can barter for are to help you out.

1.Horse Panels

2.Good Saddles/Tack

3.Loafing shed for 5 horses

4.Hay Trailer

5.Golf Cart or Gator

6.Great Horse Hay



9.Sprinkler system

10. Just ask you never know????

11.Reg.AQHA horses


13.Concrete work

14.Pipe fencing


"LET'S GIT'TER DONE & GET YOUR HORSE TRAINED.Feel free to e-mail me at or just call me at (903) 454-8046

Location: Greenville,Tx

Services Offered
My Training services consist of Bonding and getting into the mind of a horse to be able to evaluate the best methods to train the horse,and then proceed.I work 5 days a week on your animal at random days & times so your horse doesn't get programed.I supply hay,space,fresh clear water,mineral block,fly spray.If your horse needs grain or supplements I'll feed.I strive to make my horses willing to work for you because they want to not because of force or fear.
Rate: $575.00/Month , Number of Stalls: 4
Horseback Riding
Trail Access
Lots of county roads,Hwy and limited trails.Arena in progress.
Riding Lessons
Bloodstock Agent / Consignment

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Horse Training and Disciplines
All Around, Beginner, Bitting, Breaking, Ground, Longe, Problematic, Ranch, Team Penning, Western Riding, Worked With Veterinarian, Trainer, Instuctor, Apprasier, Livestock Hauler,

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T bar c Ranch by Equinenow

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