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Spirited Horses Ranch

Spirited Horses Ranch
Montville, Maine
Breeding only the finest Andalusians, Friesians, and Warlanders.

Services Offered
We offer a program whereyou bring your horse to our farm for board/training. Your horse will be out into an intensive training program. We have a wonderful facility in the hills of Montville, Maine, with everything your horse needs. I have several training stalls that fill up very fast during the training season. Your horse will get everything it could need, plus excellent training during his/her stay at SH Ranch. Check out our "Boarding" page for the accomadation information. I feel when they stay here with us, they get more one on one time and you get more for your buck. They are exposed to traffic, kids, dogs, balls, other horses, and much more during their training sessions. On trails, they are exposed to roads, traffic, kids, hills, jumps, motorcycles, bikes, etc. IN the ring, we work on agility & ability in the discipline of your choice. I have a 100% success rate for the horses. We provide daily training sessions 5 days per week. Sessions consist of the fullest training exposure within that session depending on the condition of the horse and the willingness of his/her mind. The training consists of everything from the ground up. You specify the style and disciplines. Your horse is trained with a kind and gentle hand with Natural horsemanship...the way it was intended to be. It brings back to you a safe and sound horse with a wonderful understanding of the horse and rider relationship. The only thing I ask, is that you provide your special grain and supplements, since each horse requires different items. I recommend during training that a horse be on electrolytes, but it is not required. You are always welcome to stop by to see your horse at any time. We want you to know that your horse is safe and we have nothing to hide from you, as some trainers do. You will recieve a report on your horses progress every few days via that you are aware of his training through the month. I also provide at least one lesson before you take your horse home. I will show you techniques and ways to deal with your horse. This way you do not feel lost when you bring him home. You can then continue working with your horse with knowledge and confidence.

We offer many different training packages. However, we recommend at least the 60 day program. This way your horse is not overwhelmed with information in the program.

My charge is $675 for the full board 30 day training program

$650 per month for 60 day program

Rate: $675/Month , Number of Stalls: 7
Horseback Riding
Trail Access
Beautiful trails with miles of scenic views, great footing, and nicely marked.
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Spirited Horses Training Ranch by Equinenow

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