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Eaton, Ohio
THE RESCUE:The specific purpose of The Plenty Ponies Foundation is to provide a program of horse rescue for abused, neglected, troubled,unwanted, or abandoned equines and to provide rehabilitation, retraining, and placement, where indicated, or retirement within an environment of physical well-being and trust.
THE RIDING SCHOOL: When you arrive at The School for Balanced Riding, it may be a while before you sit on a horse.
I believe that fitness comes before equitation.
So our classes start in on the ground; not in the saddle.
Developing strength, condition, balance, co-ordination, healthy body-weight and understanding the biomechanics of your own body is critical to staying on the horse.
S.D., age forty-something, credits my program with weight loss and building her body and her confidence.
JF, 67, with MS symptoms says the horse exercises hundreds of muscles which she cannot herself.
You will lose weight (if you need to, improve your fitness and coordination (regardless of age) and develop a balanced seat that is independent of the reins.
A fit rider allows the horse to perform better and without interference.
During our 60-minute sessions, you will work on flexibility, balance and cardiovascular stamina. Next, you will practice achieving a balanced seat on the lunge line astride one of Plenty Poniesâââ‰â¢ magnificent school horses OR you can bring your own horse and develop the perfect partnership you have always wanted.
As part of my program, students commit to a 30-minute exercise routine a minimum of twice a week âââ‰â¬Â much of it focusing on developing core (abdominal) strength.
When riders have limited upper body and core strength, theyâââ‰â¢re out of balance. And when theyâââ‰â¢re out of balance, their horses are, too.
When riders are overweight, theyâââ‰â¢re out of balance. And when theyâââ‰â¢re out of balance, their horses are too.
Despite the benefits, many equestrians are reluctant to view exercise without a horse as relevant to their success.
Horses mirror their riders. What does your horse see it the mirror?
Lots of people think they can send their horse off for 60-90 days training and that it will come back like a machine that you can just put the key in and go, but if the rider is untrained and doesnâââ‰â¢t have a willing partnership with the horse, the horse reverts to a state of confusion and fear. It doesnâââ‰â¢t work.
This is a program for mature adults (beginner-advanced). You will not be taught by anorexic teenagers in tights.
Families, couples and singles are encouraged to participate.
If you are an adult who is serious about taking up riding, returning to riding or finally getting good at it please give me a call.
All proceeds from the riding school are donated to Plenty Ponies Horse Rescue.
Locations: Butler Co., Eaton, New Madison
1579 Bantas Creek Road

Services Offered
Operant behavioral conditioning. Natural Horsemanship. Correct training makes a horse systematically better. Training should be progressive; however, it is better to progress one year too late than one day too early. More demands may produce more resistance. Sometimes it is wiser to reach a temporary compromise and look for a solution later than provoke a major problem. Give your horse the benefit of the doubt. Go slowly.

Rate: $250/Month , Number of Stalls: 12
Horseback Riding
Trail Access
Riding Lessons Riding Clinics
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Call Donald at:
or 513-942-1970
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Plentyponies by Equinenow

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