Misfit Acres

Jonesville, MI

A home for Misfit Farm Animals that have been written off by their owners due to behavioral issues that could have been resolved with the proper methods.

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Training, Behavioral Issues, 4h, Adoption, Rescue, Education

Services Offered

Equine Behavioral Specialist
If you have a horse with bad behavior, don't just pass the problem off to someone else.
I will evaluate the horse and the issue's you're having with your equine partner.
At that point we can discuss a plan of changing the behavior and resolving the issue.
Fee's depend on the horses issue's and the length of time I feel it will take to resolve the problem.
That can take 2 weeks or several months depending on the issue.
Most problems are resolved with small simple changes in the way you interact with your horse.
Feel free to call for free advice or schedule an appointment for an evaluation.
Evaluation Fees will depend on your location and how many miles I have to travel to your farm.
Results are guaranteed or your money back!
Rate: $/Day
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