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Holly Williamson's Natural Horsemanship

Holly Williamson's Natural Horsemanship
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Holly Williamson's Natural Horsemanship is a training and teaching facility dedicated to natural horsemanship. You can learn Natural Horsemanship methods from popular local trainer Holly Williamson. One-on-one instruction will help you gain confidence as you develop your groundwork and riding skills. Holly will share the methods she has successfully used to train dozens of horses of various ages and breeds and hundreds of riders. However, if training isn't for you, Holly will train your horse for you using the tried and true methods that she used on hundred's of horses.

Services Offered
Holly Williamson of Harrodsburg KY develops ground manners and gaining your horse's respect using natural horsemanship techniques.

Holly has studied and trained horses for the past five years. Her primary focus has been studying Clinton Anderson's training techniques as they begin and end with gaining your horses respect. However, Holly also applies some of the methods and techniques of clinicians Stacy Westfall, Pat Parelli, Dennis Reese and Chris Cox as well as her own. Prior to moving to Harrodsburg she worked with Parelli trained Anna Lucus of Dream Catcher Stables in Huntsville Alabama for two years.

Holly initially focuses on ground work and desensitizing techniques. "I believe that ground work gets the horses respect and prepares him for saddle work", Holly states, "while desensitizing allows him to respect me, my tools and the things around him, yet not fear them."

Problem areas that she has dealt with vary widely depending on the horse. She's addressed problems such as horses that do not like to have their feet touched, not walking calmly on the trail, those that move too fast and too slow, biters, pushy behavior or horses that will walk over the top of you as well as horses that rear or buck. "It all comes down to one problem ...... RESPECT. If the horse doesn't have it for you, you will not have much from the horse", Holly states, "That you could say is my problem specialty."
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Holly Williamsons Natural Horsemanship by Equinenow

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