Hidden Hollow Humane

Shingobee Township , MN

A very small ranch with a 2-acre total area and foster home for all types of animals, built for containing ill animals. A larger boarding facility is also available for a monthly fee, which includes ground work and handling as well as pasture.

Primary Breeds

Specialized Disciplines

Farrier, Bitless, Natural, Rental, Barefoot, Bareback, Children, Child

Services Offered

We work from the ground up, like building a pyramid. Horses are exposed to dogs, cats, children, and mechanical sounds throughout their days, laying down the foundation of the "good-horse pyramid". The next steps are tolerance, acceptance, curiosity, affection, and graduation from Groundschool (which does include a party!). Then we work on riding work, to which the owner MUST be present and participate before the horse moves on.
Trainers: Marshall Sautbine, Rachel Shmidtke*, Noah Lawrence (Ground), Sonja Johnson (M), Lindsey Fagerman (Ground; M)
Rate: $150/Month , Number of Stalls: 1
Trail Access
In order to rent a horse, the rider must demonstrate his/her skills in the riding ring, including moving through the walk, trot, and canter confidently. The rider must sign a liability contract and travel with a walkie-talkie for safety's sake. The rider
Other Services
Horseback Riding
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