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Gold Horse Training

Gold Horse Training
Sarasota, Florida
Nate Gold's passion and love for horses began in 2005 when he enrolled and studied at the Monty Roberts, (Man Who Listens to Horses), International Equestrian Academy in Santa Barbara, California. After completing his studies he periodically traveled on the Monty Robert's Join Up team throughout Europe and South America. Nate's primary position was to assist Monty Roberts, world renowned horseman, with horse training demonstrations, focusing on the Monty Roberts method (non violence human to horse communication).

Throughout Nate's travels, he had the pleasure of working and studying with Dan Wilson, the owner of Practical Horsemanship located in Cornwall, England. Dan and Nates' beliefs are the same. By using the horses inner body language and non-violent methods they train horses and people in a safe manner for all.

After traveling the world on the Monty Roberts Join Up Team and spending time at the Practical Horsemanship Ranch with Dan, Nate ventured to Florida to work with several well-known ranches in the South West Florida area. At Triple J Ranch, Nate used his experience to train and care for over 50 horses a week. He also assisted the ranch owner with national showings and competitions.

Nate's experience led him to Hawk's Flight Farm, which offers some of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the world. Nate trained over 30 Arabian horses, assisted with breeding, and helped in the sale of these high dollar horses to international clients.

Several times a year you can find Nate volunteering at the SPCA Miami, teaching volunteers how to handle, care for, and understand horses. At the SPCA, he also works with horses that have been abused. His ultimate goal is to gain the horses' trust back so they can safely be ridden again by their new owners.

Nate presently resides in Sarasota, Florida with his family, where he works with private horse clients in the South West Florida area as well as internationally. He also commutes to Stamford, Connecticut on a regular basis to hold behavioral horse clinics and events at the Mead Farm.

Services Offered
Creating Partnerships and Building Trust
Pros of Double Line Longeing vs. the Cons of Single Line Longeing
Trailer Loading (Getting your Horse to Love the Trailer)
Spooky Horse (Overcoming Fears)
Preparing Your Horse for the Farrier
Starting the Young Horse Under Saddle
The Remedial Horse (Problem Horses - Bucking, Biting, Balking, Rearing, Kicking)
Private Horsemanship Lessons for Rider and/or Horse
Riding Problems (Gaining Confidence, Trusting your Horse, Creating Leadership in the Saddle)
Professional Saddle Cleaning
Horse Broker (Looking for a horse to buy? Nate will find the right horse for you!)
Rate: $1000/Month , Number of Stalls: 8
Riding Clinics

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Gold Horse Training by Equinenow

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