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Double Bbridle Arabians

Double Bbridle Arabians
Rochester, Washington
We are the owners of the stunning straight egyptian stallion The Shai Prince, We are very much looking forward to the great potentials of this stallion.
Double Bbridle Arabians is a one man operation. DBA is breeders of Purebred and half arabian show horses, we seek a long hooky neck, tippy ears, big bold eyes and a dishy face to connect an exotic looking flashy show horse. In our breeding progra
m we seek bloodlines such as, Fame VF, Bey Shah, Bey El Bey, Bey Abi, HH Fortune Hunter, Nabiel, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, Zodiac Matador, Mamage, Bask, Ariston, Witraz, Ecaho, and GG Jabask, our half arabians sides "Saddlebreds" come from, EA Maximum Explosion, Carnival Firecracker,Winter Carnival, Chico Duke, Supreme Sultan, Stonewall Sesations Pride and Chico The Kid.
I have been training and showing horses for 10yrs now, among all the different breeds i have trained i have found that the arabian is once of the most intellegent and willing to please animals i have came across, which is why i chose it to be not only my future but my passion, to breed train and show Purebred and half arabians show horses, they are amazing animals and i enjoy working with them everyday. We also breed and show Purebred minature australian sheperds, we own and stud out Coopers Little Cowboy a PB red and white aussie he is getting ready to make his debut in agility and tracking classes.

My training program is a very structured system, when starting a horse, i set goals to achieve at the end of each week, when i achieve those set goals, i then move on from there to whichs ends with an end result of a very structurally sound, well rounded animal. Lots of training time put in isnt always the answer, it depends on the horse itself, some horses can only handle 2-3 days a week where as others need 5-6 days a week. Unlike most trainers, I give the horse a chanceto tell me " Hey this isnt right" so i can move in a different direction to find and achieve ultimate results. I use a push and pull effect to achieve results, by first asking the horse then if that, isnt the right answer moving in a different route to training the horse correctly and most effectively. I believe voce commands are a big part of training a horse, if the horse understands what you are asking it makes for better communication, with a better end result. Leg commands, hand gestures, and voice commandsare a big part of my training program, it helps the horse better understand what you are asking, so they can learn quicker to move on to be a great athlete.i believe that a well rounded, supple horse is the key to a successful show horse, if they are supple in the mouth and a balanced training program put behind them then they will perform to there absolute best, this is what i strive for, if you want a successful show horse, bring them to me and put them in my program. The key to success is asking the horse, what is the right answer? what training put behind you will help better you as an athlete, for them, not you or there owner, there best interest is my best interest. That is my training method and i work by it everyday and always achieve the best results - Isaac
I one day would like to make a difference and an impact on the arabian horse industry, call me crazy but i want to one day breed the true all arabian horse, that can compete in any discipline put in front of it and perform in it well, i have started this process by adding a few select horses to my breeding program a 100% egyptian stallion by the name of The Shai Prince who is a Simeon Shai grandson on his mothers side and a 1/2 arab mare who is 100% egyptian on her arab side, im excited to see what these two will produce as i know what she produced to a 100% polish stallion two years ago.

Breeding Rates:
Purebreds: $800
Partbreds: $700
Grade mares: $1,000
Add a $200 booking fee

Training Rates:
30 days basic - $250
60 days - $325 includes 1 lesson per week
90 days - $425 includes 2 lessons per week
120 days - $600 includes 4 lessons per week
30 days refresher course - $275 includes 1 lesson per week

1hr lesson - $25
2hr lesson - $50
3hr lesson - $75
Group lesson ( at least 4 riders) - $100
Lessons Package - $75

Shoots start at a mear $75

Services Offered
Breeding Purebred and Half Arabians.
Rate: $/Day
Color(s) Bred:
Horseback Riding
Riding Lessons
Have an Arena

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Double Bbridle Arabians by Equinenow

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