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Diamond Ranch

Diamond  Ranch
Afton, Wyoming
The historic Diamond ? Ranch was founded in 1878 when Charles Gates Cazier was the fifth wagon in Star Valley, Wyoming . When he founded the Ranch it produced over 2500 head of sheep and 500 cow calf pairs. Charles Gates Cazier made it a point to only produce top quality product. Due to the harsh winters of Star Valley this made it tough to stay up on the well being of the herds. He and his ranch hands depended on good solid horses that would hold up under these harsh conditions, Even though the conditions in the winter were very harsh Charles made sure that every animal that left with the ranch brand were up to his standards. Today with the fourth and fifth generation running the ranch, the tradition of having a set standard for all of our product sill holds strong. Since the late 1980s we pride ourselves in producing some of the finest performance horses that has competed. We train for all quarter horse disciplins, and we train draft performance pulling horses as well. You will find two things different with us as with other ranches. One we train for all disciplins to maximize the horseââ¬â¢s potential. And second we train to WIN!

Services Offered
Do you have a performance prospect that you need professional help to bring out your animals full potential? Or do you have a problem horse that needs help getting over bad habits? At the Diamond ? Ranch we offer our unmatched training to the public to asses any and all needs that our customers have. All of the colts we train on the ranch are started in the round pen; they are then graduated to the different levels of our training system as the horse progresses. Our trainers are some of the best in the industry. We use what Ray Hunt taught us, to recognize the smallest change and slightest try. To give and work with the horse, to create an unbreakable foundation that will last a lifetime. For the past decade we have been sending out quality horses to the performance world by using these techniques. Our fees are 500 per 30 days. Call Today To See How Our Program Can Benefit You And Your Horses.
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Diamond Ranch by Equinenow

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