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Casa Arte Equestre LLC

Casa Arte Equestre LLC
Broadalbin, New York
Arte Equestre's primary function as a company before we started to build our breeding program is providing the highest quality equine concierge services to the horse enthusiast, specifically buying and importing horse for sale in the United States. ââ¬â¹

We primarily deal with Iberian and Baroque horses but are happy to be of service to any breed.

We provide training services for both the horse and rider, beginner through to Grand Prix levels. We offer sales and marketing services, including importing and exporting from the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Canada.

We specialize in training and now breeding beautiful, athletic, rare performance horses for photo shoots, films and exhibitions as well as competition. Our team has a lot of experience in equine reproduction and offer breeding consultations to help develop your breeding program or incorporate different blood lines.

Art Equestre also has a Tack Shop. We have a large selection of equestrian fashion, tack, and gifts for both the horse and rider. We are distributors for Zaldi, Horze and B-Vertigo in the U.S. and Mexico. We also carry several other brands to meet all your horse and fashion needs.

Services Offered
Skilled in training horses of the Baroque origin (Andalusian, Lusitano, Friesian, Lipizzan, etc.) specifically stallions Diego is a premier trainer for in-hand and under saddle equine performance.

Diego specializes in classical dressage, alta escuela, long reining, bull fighting on horseback, and at liberty disciplines. He also trains horses for Revision/Qualification in the Spanish (ANCCE) and Portuguese (ASPL) Stud Books, regional an international shows and championships.

Diego's extensive knowledge and experience in the equine world partnered with his love for horses and ability to connect and relate to his horses enables him to bring out their full individual potential. He is very patient and kind making him an ideal teacher for beginners right on up to high school riders.

Diego have experience in equine reproduction and specializes in equestrian image, diet and care. His experience will guarantee that your horse will be in the BEST physical care while in his training program. He evaluates your horse and works with you, your veterinarian, farrier and dentist to develop a proper diet and care program. A healthy horse is a happy horse!
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Horse Training and Disciplines
Advanced, Beginner, Certification, Dressage, Equitation, Ground, Halter, Lesson, Long Line, Trick, Classical Dressage Alta Escuela, Airs Above The Ground, Working Equitation, Trick Training, Pleasure Riding, Halter Training (Preparation and Presentation for Revision/qu

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