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Blindhorse Horsemanship

Blindhorse Horsemanship
Worden, Montana
My name is Jarrett, and for nearly 20 years I have been working on and refining my horsemanship and stockman ship. I am not only a horse trainer; but, I am also a cowboy. I do not use correction bits or any related training aids. I only use high quality snaffle bits and fine hand braided rawhide and leather hackamores in the training of my horses until they are ready to work in the two rein and learn to carry a bridle bit. I put great value in the soft, smooth, and willing response of my horses to the slightest signal, even in a stressful situation. To me the horse is a partner that I enjoy, and work with to accomplish what ever job might be before us, be it doctoring a cow, roping and gentling a mustang, crossing a creek, or just staying focused on me in a panic situation. I would love the opportunity and privilege to work with you and your horse. I want to develop for you a confident and capable horse that you are proud to be seen riding in any discipline and a horse in which you are confident to take on whatever task might be before you.
As I said, my desire is not only to work with the horse; but, also the rider. I want you to know how to use your horse to the fullness of what they know, and how to continue to improve and build on the foundation that I have established in your horse. I want you to be excited about your horse and what the two of you are accomplishing.
I am also available to work with you on your horsemanship (and stockman ship), be it an issue you and your horse are going through or you desiring to start your own horse. At this time we cannot offer you the accommodations to board your horse; but, would love for you to come out and spend time riding with us to work on whatever it might be you and your horse need.

Services Offered
We offer training for both the horse and rider (on their own horses), for all levels of experience of both horse and rider.
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Blindhorse Horsemanship by Equinenow

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