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Battle Ridge Ranch

Battle Ridge Ranch
Alsike, Alberta, Canada
2011 Horsemanship Clinic now up. Please visit our website!!
If you are interested in seeing a clinic in your area, please contact us so
we can look into presenting on in your area!
I have spent the past decade involved in the equine industry. Raising and starting colts, helping people select the right horse that fits thier life style and personality, training and selling horse that have went to homes all over and organizing horse events. I have held positions such as president of community halls and a directer of rodeo. I have also organized week long horse excursions and poker rallies using horses, wagons and sleighs. Most recently I was invited to the Toronto Royal Agricultural and Winter Horse Show to demonstrate training techniques.
A firm believer that we never stop learning and there is something to be learned from everyone and every event attended. Like a lot of people involved with horses the past years have been an adventure to understand the best way to help a horse learn in a safe and comfortable fashion. Continuing on the quest to help horse and people I spent 2008 travelling the USA working and learning from greats such as John and Josh Lyons, Al Dunning and Tommy Turvy to name a few. Most recent achievment was gaining Lyons certification and clinician status from John and Josh Lyons. I have a vast network of professional horse trainers across North America that have the same goals as the journey continues.
Everyone can do this... it only takes stronge personal commitment and stick-to-it-ness.

Services Offered
Certified Clinician & Trainer in John/Josh Lyons training methods. Colt starting, problem solving, horsemanship,seminars, riding and private lessons available.
Riding Lessons Riding Clinics

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Horse Training and Disciplines
Beginner, Driving, Foundation, Ground, Lesson, Long Line, Natural Horsemanship, Problematic, Reining, Western Pleasure, Horsmanship, Starting, Horse Clinics, Foundation Training, Colt Starting, Chris Irwin Trainer, John/Johsh Lyons Trainer, Private Lessons,

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Battle Ridge Ranch by Equinenow

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