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Amanda's Foundered Friends Horse and Equine Rescue

Amanda's Foundered Friends Horse and Equine Rescue
Fruita, Colorado
Amanda's Foundered Friends: Horse and Equine Rescue was inspired by foundered equines needing immediate care and rehabilitation. Founder is an all too common hoof disease in domesticated horses where the hoof wall literally separates from the bone, (the coffin bone) and other sensitive tissues causing extreme pain to the horse. Imagine your finger nail slowly being pryed away from the tip of your finger! OUCH! Founder can be caused by a number of factors, some known, others unknown, but the most common being an overload of carbohydrates in the horse's diet, either all at once, or over the course of time. The diet coupled with unnatural hoof care, can cause the hoof to deteriorate. Not too far in the distant past, founder was a death sentence to horses and in many circles still is. Founder cannot be cured, but much research has come to light on the inner workings of the natural wild horse hoof and methods have been developed to heal the hoof, and help prevent further bouts. Based on the wild horse hoof model the pioneers of the barefoot hoof movement have enlightened us with the ability to simulate the natural wear of the wild horse's hooves. Through their intensive research and resources we've learned to give our horses a natural barefoot trim, that simulates the natural wear of wild horse's hooves. We also provide them an environment that encourages more exercise, natural social behavior with other horses, varied terrain and most importantly a diet that matches the needs of the individual equine. With consistent care, many horses have been saved from the onslaught of founder and other hoof problems and gone to live healthier lives, able to be ridden, increased endurance, and energy. We've recognized a need for a place where horses can be given another chance for life. We actively seek out horses in auctions, from veterinarians, and the local community where horse owners need a place to turn to when their horse is in need and they can't provide the care it needs to heal. We're also there for neglected and abandoned horses due to hoof problems. For more information, visit our website.


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Amandas Foundered Friends Horse and Equine Rescue by Equinenow

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