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Promoting Your Horse

Stillwater, Oklahoma
My name is Stephanie Murphy, I have been involved in Arabians and Saddlebreds since I was 12 years old. I currently show on the Arabian, Pinto, Saddlebred, and NSH circuit. I run "Promoting Your Horse." Promoting Your Horse is an Equine business specializing in the marketing of Mares, Geldings, Stallions, of Arabians, National Show Horses, and American Saddlebreds. We market trail horses, pleasure horses, show horses, broodmares, stallion services, lesson horses... You name it, We market it. There are many people out there who do not know how to market a horse, or do not know what the horse is best suited in. In such a tough economy, the horse needs to be marketed correctly, or it will take much longer to sell, and usually for a lower price. What I do is I market the horse then filter through all the emails/phone calls from not serious buyers. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. That 15 year old girl who calls or emails saying this is such a pretty horse, convinces you to send a video, but doesn't have any real intention in buying it. Well, now you are out the shipping, the time it took you to go to the post office and send it, the time it took you to figure out which is cheaper (USPS, UPS, FedEx) and the time it took you to make the DVD or VHS. With me, you have to send me copies of pictures (not originals, in an email is fine), and a DVD in the mail, a little bio, and leave the rest up to me! With every horses I have sold, I have filtered through 50 or so emails/phone calls per horse to then pass on a handful of interested parties who one of them end up buying the horse. I do all the legwork. I advertise the horse on the internet, in person, or through the mail, send out emails with pictures and send out video's. And only charge a small fee of the sale price. That way, if you have to drop the price for a quick sale, you wont be penalized by having to pay me the same commission. And trust me, the commission is small. The commission is less than what you would pay if you took the horse to an auction. The commission is much less than you would pay if you took the horse to a trainers to sell. But the best part of this is, if I do not sell the horse. If you, the horse owner, finds someone (your next door neighbor) to buy the horse, I do not charge a cent. A trainer would never agree to that, and if you withdrew a horse from an auction, usually you end up paying a fee! Not to mention at an auction you never really know what type of home the horse is going to. The wonderful thing about me, is in the end... YOU still get to decide if the home is adequate for your horse. YOU still make the decision, and if you decide there is something "fishy" going on. That is completely fine. On to the next buyer. I do the same type of thing for people looking to buy a horse. Are you looking for a Bay Purebred Khemosabi bred gelding hunter who is between 7-9 years old? I will find him for you. But if I don't find one you like, once again, if you find the horse yourself, I will not charge you anything.


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