Bridle Lessons in Nebraska

 Sweet and Salty e Training
Henderson, Nebraska 68371
Due to I had a child a few months back I will not be training for awhile unless its just excercising/riding horses you don't have much time for........ I work with many kinds of horses.. from halter
Services Training, Horseback Riding, Lessons

Training: All Around, Bitting, Breaking, Bridle, Ground, Halter, Longe, Ranch, Trail Riding
Ponca, NE

An equine education, recreation and boarding facility

All Around, Beginner, Bitting, Breaking, Bridle, Lesson, …
Boarding, Training, Lessons, Clinics, Horseback Riding, Trails
Appaloosa, Arabian, Half Arabian, Mustang, Paint, Pintabian, …
 Jenson Shires and Jumping n Equine Training
Blair, Nebraska 68008
Largest producer of quality Shires in the World and Training that is out of this world!
Services Boarding, Training, Horseback Riding, Lessons, Clinics
Breeds: Appaloosa, Arabian, Draft, Miniature, Morab, Morgan, Mustang, Pony, Quarter Horse, Shire
Training: Barrel, Beginner, Bitting, Breaking, Bridle, Competition, Driving, Ground, Halter
 Kelli Paulson Horsemanship
Tekamah, Nebraska 68061
Training: Clinics, Lessons, Colt Starting, Problem Solving, Natural Horsemanship. Focus on helping your horse to be a willing, confident, trusting and trying partner. Correct phone number is: ...
Services Training, Lessons, Clinics, Trails
Breeds: Andalusian, Appaloosa, Arabian, Draft, Paint, Percheron, Pony, Quarter Horse
Training: Advanced, All Around, Beginner, Breaking, Bridle, Ground, Lesson
Craig, NE

Looking for Horses for sale. Also a horse trainer looking for work, We can train horses as well as give horse lessons.

Boarding, Lessons
Belgian, Clydesdale, Mustang, Paint, Paint Pony, Palomino, …
Beginner, Breaking, Bridle, Halter, Harness, Intermediate, …