Belgian Horse Breeders in Maine

Belgian Horse Breeders in ME

 Troika Drafts & the Shoeing Shop
Hebron, Maine 04238
Training: Draft horses for work, sport and show. Logging year round and farming seasonal. Show horse training & conditioning also a specialty. $225 per week includes care, training, & feeding along ...
Services Training
Breeds: Belgian, Draft, Haflinger, Percheron, Shire, Spotted, Warmblood, Other
Training: All Around, Dressage, Driving, Working, SHIRE, Training, Sporthorse, Logging, Farming
 Wits end Spotted Horses
Maine 04922
Training: Groundwork, lung work, ground driving, green horses, problem horses, etc
Services Boarding, Training, Horseback Riding, Lessons, Trails
Breeds: Appaloosa, Appendix, Belgian, Belgian Warmblood, Draft, Dutch Warmblood, Fjord
Training: Advanced, Beginner, Bitting, Breaking, Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Jumping, Lesson